Get more info on server cabinet

What is a server rack cabinet?

An enclosed secure server cabinet stores server racks in sizes from 18U to 42U. An open frame server rack fits sizes from 16U to 58U. A quality server rack cabinet will meet the necessary air flow requirements that servers must have. server rack cabinets also make wiring easy and enhance cooling.

Get more info on server cabinet

Necessary from small offices to large data centers. Some portable server racks can even fit underneath a desk - perfect storage solution for those with small spaces. A quality server cabinet will also have an outer shell that's watertight and shock insulators.

Industry standards leads most server cabinets to be 24 inches wide and 36 inches deep. The primary purpose that server rack cabinets serve is to provide excellent ventilation for equipment. It's crucial because IT production equipment creates a great deal of heat.

Equipment for server rack cabinets

A server rack cabinet is for storing IT production equipment. This is where you would place network switches, storage, routers, telecommunications hardware, servers and storage for similar equipment. All of the 19-inch standard equipment that's capable of being mounted on a rack.

As long as it's not too deep or too high, you can place equipment inside. Equipment that is heavier may require horizontal rails. If the cabinet is not prepared for rack installation, you can install a rack shelf first and then fasten the heavy equipment to it. Racks support Uninterruptible Power Supplies, cable managers, and PDUs.

What do the different sizes mean?

Different sizes of server rack cabinets are 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 7U. The "U" is simply short for unit. The rack sizes range from small to large 1U being the smallest unit and 7U being the largest. Regarding rack cabinets, width and height is usually standard, while the depth ranges in size.

One size of server cabinet doesn't fit all applications. There are soundproof cabinets that prevent the loud noises some servers make from being heard. Server rack cabinets are not created equal and it's important to measure your equipment beforehand and ensure everything fits properly.

There are additional options you can have on your rack such as doors, roof access, and side panels. Most server rack cabinets also include casters, leveling feet, and cable pass-through points on the top and bottom of the cabinet. The doors are usually perforated as well to allow for more air flow.